Partners in Prevention Project

The Partners in Prevention project assists nonprofit organizations, family planning agencies, community coalitions, and schools to select, implement, and evaluate science-based approaches to teen pregnancy prevention. The Alliance also facilitates opportunities for collaboration among stakeholders to find community solutions to the challenge of teen pregnancy.

The Alliance is now offering training and TA (technical assistance) on a fee-for-service basis. We are available to consult with youth-serving and healthcare professionals throughout Massachusetts on a variety of topics related to program planning, selection, implementation, evaluation and sustainability for teen pregnancy, STI, and HIV prevention as well as comprehensive sexuality education.

For a description of our training and TA services, please download our .

In summer 2010, the Alliance became a certified Replication Site for this nationally-recognized evidence-based youth development program. We are seeking interested partners to run TOP with youth ages 12-17. TOP has been proven effective at reducing teen pregnancy and school failure. If you are interested in contracting with us to operate TOP Clubs at your program, school, clinic, or church, please contact us at

Partners in Prevention 2002-2010

From from 2002-2010, the Partners in Prevention project was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Division of Adolescent Reproductive Health under the Promoting Science-Based Approaches program. To read about the project, please visit the .


Partners in Prevention 2002-2010 reached over 700 youth-serving professionals across the state with our technical assistance and training, and thousands of young people in Massachusetts have participated in science-based programs as a result. Partners received individualized support using the framework of Getting to Outcomes, a program planning process involving needs assessment, program selection, logic model development, program evaluation, and continuous quality improvement. We also provided:

  1. Presentations tailored to community partner needs;
  2.  Workshops;
  3. Curriculum trainings in the science-based programs ¡Cuidate!, Making Proud Choices! and Safer Choices; and
  4. National-, state-, and community-specific resource materials on teen pregnancy, STIs, evidence-based programs, and teen sexual activity.

In 2008, the Alliance partnered with the (DESE) to reach school districts in targeted communities with high teen birth and STI rates. Through a competitive application process, DESE selected six partner school districts to receive technical assistance from the Alliance. With the help of the Alliance, all six chose science-based or promising curricula that would fit with their communities and the needs of their students.

Highlights of the Partners in Prevention project include:

  • Over 50 trainings, workshops, and day-long conferences
  • Over 1,000 hours of TA provided to partners
  • Presentations to Holyoke and Springfield school committees, Boston City Council, Springfield Adolescent Sexual Health Advisory, Holyoke parents of adolescents
  • Developed 7 editions of our annual Teens and Sex in Massachusetts report, 13 semi-annual newsletters, and over 100 fact sheets and tools for providers
  •    one-day roundtable for 75 youth-serving providers, May 2010 
  • First ¡Cuidate! training of facilitators in Massachusetts in partnership with , October 2009
  • Making Proud Choices! training of facilitators, October 2009
  • A New Era for Adolescent Sexual Health and Support for Young Families annual Teen Pregnancy Institute featuring keynote speaker James Wagoner, October 2009
  • Effective Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Sexual Health Interventions Through School and Community Partnerships conference in partnership with , DESE, and , September 2009
  • Working Together for Latino Youth: Mobilizing Communities to Address Teen Pregnancy conference in partnership with featuring keynote speaker Hector Sanchez-Flores, April 2009

2009–2010 Partners:







Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program, .

National and State Partners

(Formerly COAPPP)
Hawaii Youth Services Network

JSI Research & Training

Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy
Pennsylvania Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy