Our Advocacy Goals & Message to Policymakers

The Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy believes that connecting policymakers to the story of teens and teen parents in their communities is the most effective way to meet our public policy goals. A critical part of our policy work is to help teens, teen parents, and service providers develop the skills and confidence they need to bring their voice to the development of policies. In this way, we ensure that the people most affected by policies are involved in creating and changing them.

Teens’ stories convey who they are, their challenges and their successes. The Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy believes that policymakers need to hear teens’ stories to understand the many social factors that influence the lives of teens. Our job at the Alliance is to frame teen pregnancy prevention and teen parenting so that policymakers see the broader social factors that influence teens and young families.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Advocacy

Goal: Promote effective, comprehensive strategies to positively impact adolescent sexual health. 

Message: To prevent teen pregnancy teens must have access to:

  • Accurate and comprehensive information about adolescent sexuality
  • Condoms, contraception and clinical services (for sexually active teens), and
  • Opportunities and supports that foster a perception of opportunity for the future for all teens

All of these components are necessary for success:

  • What teens say they need
  • What parents say they want
  • What science says works

Advocate for teen pregnancy prevention:

Teen Parent Advocacy

Goal: Promote access to the programs, resources and supports expectant and parenting teens and their children need to thrive.  

Message: We believe that teen parents, like all teens, deserve the opportunity to reach their  potential. Teen parents, like all parents, need support to be good caregivers and role models for their children.

Our vision for teen parents includes:

  • Education: Teen parents should have educational opportunities that enable them to access careers with family-sustaining wages.
  • Shelter and Housing:  Young teen parents should be supported to live with their families when possible. When this is not possible, safe and affordable permanent housing with adult mentors must be accessible for teens who need it. Young parents must have access to shelter with effective support services when experiencing homlessness.
  • Child Care: Teen parents and their children should have access to high-quality, affordable childcare.
  • Crisis Management and Trauma Informed Services: Teen parents who are struggling with depression, domestic violence, abuse, neglect, or have other trauma, need access to services that will allow them to heal and meet their responsibilities as parents, employees, and students.
  • Integrated Services: Support services should be an integrated component of any program designed for teen parents and should be the least disruptive to the teen’s existing community support system.

Advocate for teen parents: