Governor Releases FY14 Budget Proposal

The Governor released his proposed fiscal year 2014 (FY14) budget today. Teen pregnancy prevention and teen parent programs were at least level funded, except there was a reduction to one of the child care accounts. Please see below for a breakdown by program.

Please keep in mind that the Governor’s budget is dependent on funding from several sources of new revenue that have not been approved yet.

The Governor’s proposed budget is the first step in a lengthy budget process. The House, Senate and Conference Committee budgets will offer different proposals for FY14 spending. The final budget will be determined by July.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention (4530-9000) is currently funded at $2.37 million and would be funded at $2.38 million for FY14, an increase of about $4,000.

Young Parent GED Program (part of 4401-1000) is currently funded at approximately $3.1 million and would likely be level funded for FY14. The overall line item within which YPP sits, the Employment Services Program (ESP), would receive an additional $295,000, which would be dedicated to provider rate increases. Although the Governor’s budget suggests in one location that $3 million is specified for YPP, in another location there is no specified dollar amount attached to YPP. We will certainly urge the legislature to attach specified, guaranteed funding to YPP. Also of note is an additional $85,000 to help ESP participants pay for the GED test, which will double in cost by 2014.

The Teen Living Shelter Program (4403-2119) is currently funded at $7.4 million and would be funded at $8.7 million under the Governor’s proposal. This $1.3 million increase is a huge relief as it would solely cover increased provider rates and only maintain the current number of TLP beds.

Teen Parent Child Care is comprised of two accounts: income eligible child care (3000-4060) and TANF related child care (3000-4050). While TANF related child care, which covers TAFDC vouchers, would receive an increase of approximately $2.6 million, income eligible child care, which pays for Teen Parent Child Care contract slots among many other services, would be cut by $5.2 million. Although we have been told previously that Teen Parent Child Care contract slots should be protected, we cannot know for sure that this would be the case.

The Young Parent Support Program (part of 4800-0038) would likely be level funded. The line item of which YPS is a part would increase by $4.2 million, but there is no language requiring the department of children and families to fund YPS.

Healthy Families (part of 3000-7000) is currently funded at $10.44 million and would be funded at $10.48 million, a small increase of $45,000.

School Based Health Centers (part of 4590-0250) is currently funded at $11.5 million and would be funded at $11.6 million, an increase of approximately $100,000.

Please stay tuned as we move into our advocacy to the legislature - your voice will be so important to ensure level or increased funding for teen pregnancy prevention and teen parent programs!