State Budget Advocacy Opportunity

During the week of April 27th, 2015 the House of Representative will debate all amendments to the House Ways and Means budget. Up until when an amendment is debated Representatives can sign on as cosponsors if they have not already and they can advocate in meetings on different amendments called caucuses. So we need to continue to advocate for their support!

Please contact your Representative and ask that they support high priority amendments (and cosponsor if they have not already). Below is a script  that you can adapt for your calls/emails.

Feel free to refer to and forward our amendment fact sheet to your Representative. On the back you can see the actual amendment language for our highest priority amendments, including which Representatives cosponsored as of last Friday.

Go here to find your Representative and his/her contact information (you want to find your state, not federal, Representative).


Script (Note, the portions in bold are the most important parts to say. You can choose one or more of the second set of amendments listed further below):

Hi, my name is _____________and I am calling from (city/town) to urge Representative ____________to (cosponsor and) continue to support two priority amendments to the House Ways and Means budget:

  1. Amendment #916 to the Employment Services Program (line item 4401-1000) sponsored by Chairman Tony Cabral that would level fund the young parents HiSET (GED) program, level fund DTA works, and maintenance level fund transportation for recipients of transitional assistance. 
  2. Amendment #862 to Teen Pregnancy Prevention (line item 4530-9000) sponsored by Representative Aaron Vega. The amendment would protect the program from a $100,000 cut proposed by House Ways and Means. It would also provide an additional $400,000 to address inequities in access to effective programming for certain cities and groups of young people.

Please also considering cosponsoring and supporting these additional amendments (listed in order of priority): 

  1. #970: Chairwoman Kay Khan’s amendment to the Employment Services Program (4401-1000) to level fund the Young Parents Program, the Competitive Integrated Employment Services program, and DTA works, and maintenance level fund transportation. Unlike Rep. Cabral’s ESP amendment, this restores ESP overall to level funding: $11.8 M. S
  2. #642: Representative Marjorie Decker’s amendment to Emergency Assistance (7004-0101) to allow otherwise eligible families to be placed in shelter when they are within 24 hours of staying in a place not meant for human habitation, not just after they have stayed there.
  3. #1031: Representative James O’Day’s amendment to 7004-0099 for $2.5 M to fund the housing portion of the new unaccompanied youth homelessness law.
  4. #632: Representative Marjorie Decker’s amendment to 4403-2000 to level-fund Transitional Assistance, preserve the rent and clothing allowances, and provide a long overdue grant increase.

Thank you.”

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - 1:30 pm