Governor Baker Announces FY16 Proposal

Governor Baker announced his FY16 (fiscal year 2016) budget proposal this afternoon (called House 1 or “H 1”). You can view the Governor’s message and various components of his proposal here. You can also read the Governor’s press release.

Based on our initial analysis, it appears all teen parent and teen pregnancy prevention programs would maintain current service levels next fiscal year. This is an excellent outcome and good sign of the Baker administration’s support for these critical services.

Here is a brief summary of the Governor’s proposal for teen parent programs and teen pregnancy prevention. You can view our budget analysis spreadsheet for more detail.

  • Teen Parent Shelter 4403-2119 is funded at $9,854,932. This is the amount needed to maintain the current number of beds next fiscal year. It is an increase over current funding levels, but current funding reflects the recent 9C cut and more is needed next year to maintain the current number of beds.
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention 4530-9000 is funded at $2,561,962, a small increase over current FY15 funding.
  • Young Parents HiSET Program (YPP) is part of a larger line item: Employment Services Program 4401-1000, which is virtually level funded at $11,806,041. None of the programs within this overall item have earmarked funding in H 1. However, this is typical for the Governor’s proposal. The most important indicator that YPP will maintain current funding levels in FY16 at this stage, is that the overall line item is level funded, which it is.
  • The Young Parent Support Program (YPS) is part of a larger line item: 4800-0038, which is funded at approximately $277.5 million. This is an increase of approximately $7 million. This should ensure at least level funding for YPS.
  • Healthy Families 3000-7000 is level funded at $14.3 million. This maintains the current FY15 spending level, but is a cut as compared to the pre-9C cut level.  Still, service levels should be maintained next year with this level of funding.
  • School Based Health Services 4590-0250 is more or less level funded at $12.29 million. This is a small increase over current funding levels, but a decrease of $91,081 as compared to pre-9C cut levels. Service levels should be maintained next fiscal year with this funding level.
  • Teen Parent Child Care folds into several different line items. TANF related child care 3000-4050 (child care for families accessing cash benefits and meetings the education/work requirements) is funded at approximately $121.4 million, a reduction of $8.4 million. Income Eligible Child Care 3000-4060 (for families who are low income) is funded at approximately $252.9 million, an increase of $11 million. The Governor did not appear to make further investments into reducing the income eligible wait list. $14.6 million in new funding is in the current FY15 budget via line item 3000-4040 and this, or a similar line item, does not appear to exist in H 1. Please note that we are still gathering information about the Governor’s proposal in regards to child care. Though there were some reductions, it is unclear what the impact of these could be. Please stay tuned and we will report out to teen parent child care providers as we receive more information. Let me know if you would like updates on this in particular and I will add you to my list.

Remember, this is just step one in the state budget process. Next, the House of Representatives will draft a proposed FY16 budget, followed by the Senate. You can learn more about the state budget process here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 5:00 pm