Federal Funding for Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Funding Update

The federal government has recently released 2 Funding Opportunity Announcements for $35M in grants to support teen pregnancy prevention. A complete list of materials and information on the funding opportunities can be found on the Office of Adolescent Health website.

The Alliance is in the process of reviewing both funding announcements and meeting with statewide partners to determine potential approaches Massachusetts might take in applying for these funds. We are committed to a collaborative approach that will bring the maximum amount of these dollars to Massachusetts.

We know there is considerable interest in these funds across the state and we will update partners on developments when we are able. In the meantime, agencies who are considering including the Alliance’s technical assistance and training services in their federal proposal are encouraged to contact Erica Fletcher, Prevention Program Director, at 617.482.9122 x132 or fletcher@massteenpregnancy.org

Tier 1: Replication of Evidence-Based Programs

The federal Office of Adolescent Health has posted a Funding Opportunity Announcement for evidence-based programs to prevent teen pregnancy. $75 million in funding is available; awards will range from $400K-$4M. A list of eligible programs for replication is on page 38 of the announcement.

To read the full announcement and download the application materials click here

For a detailed explanation of criteria used to develop the list of evidence-based programs eligible for replication, visit the Office of Adolescent Health (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services) teen pregnancy prevention research evidence overview

Tier 2: Research & Demonstration Programs and Personal Responsibility Education Program

On April 8, the federal Office of Adolescent Health released an additional $35M Funding Opportunity Announcement for programs to test promising interventions.

From the FOA:

HHS is interested in applications that propose to study a broad range of approaches to teenage pregnancy prevention with a focus on program interventions that are most likely to demonstrate a change in sexual behaviors.   This may include programs that are popular in the field, but may not have been rigorously evaluated.  HHS is particularly interested in applications that propose to address gaps in the field of teenage pregnancy prevention including, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Evaluating programs that have some evidence of effectiveness (e.g., programs that had some evidence of impact, but are not included in the list of programs eligible for replication in Tier 1).
  • Testing significant adaptations to an evidence-based program identified by the Department as eligible for Tier 1 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program funding.
  • Testing innovative programs for 18-19 year olds, who have the highest rate of births among teens.
  • Testing program approaches for priority populations, including but not limited to high-risk, vulnerable and culturally under-represented youth populations, immigrants, Hispanic, African American, or American Indian teenagers, those in foster care or in the adjudication system, males, runaway/homeless teenagers, out of school youth, youth with HIV/AIDS, and youth residing in areas with high birthrates for youth.
  • Programs that seek to reduce repeat-pregnancies and target pregnant and parenting women under the age of 21 and their partners. (PREP)
  • Studying other innovative program models, including the use of new social media.”

To read the full announcement and download application materials please go to the OAH website.

The Office of Adolescent Health will host a webinar on the Tier 2 funding on April 23.

Alliance TA and Training Services 

We believe the strongest proposals for these funds will clearly indicate how agencies plan to ensure they will have the organizational capacity to implement an evidence-based program with fidelity. The Alliance has been providing TA and training on these topics since 2002 and is available to consult with funded agencies to provide TA on a fee-for-service basis over the 5 years of the grant. Please download our scope of TA and training services. Fees for these services will be negotiated with interested agencies.

If you’re interested in including the Alliance as a consultant to provide TA and training services in your federal proposal, please contact Erica Fletcher, Prevention Program Director, at 617.482.9122 x132 or fletcher@massteenpregnancy.org