Massachusetts DPH Awarded Grant to Support Expectant and Parenting Teens in School

In August the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) submitted an application for federal funding to support pregnant and parenting teens in school, a grant referred to as the Pregnancy Assistance Fund.

We have just learned that DPH was awarded $1.6 million through this grant! The grant was competitive and only states could apply. $27 million dollars was awarded in total. You can check out the announcement of grant recipients at the Office of Adolescent Health website. DPH will be funding support teams in select communities to provide expectant and parenting teens with the support they need to graduate high school/earn a GED and delay subsequent pregnancies. The teams will also ensure infants and children in the program are on track for optimal development.

The application DPH submitted takes significant strides towards identifying what expectant and parenting teens need to stay in school, including socio-emotional supports, public policies, and community and school-based partnerships that must be in place. We are thrilled that many of the recommendations featured in our Promise Project report are incorporated into DPH’s plans. Most importantly, we believe this grant will help expectant teens and young families in the communities DPH funds experience increased success in school and life!