House Ways and Means Budget Analysis for Teen Pregnancy Prevention & Teen Parent Accounts

The House Ways and Means budget was released on Wedneday April 14. Overall, teen parent programs and teen pregnancy prevention fared very well. However Teen Pregnancy Prevention and line items that include Teen Parent Child Care were reduced.  Given the current fiscal climate and greater cuts experienced by other programs since fiscal year 2009, the Alliance is very grateful for the levels of funding proposed for teen preganancy prevention and teen parent programs. Below is a brief analysis on each teen parent and teen prengancy prevention program.

Please call and thank your representatives from the House for supporting these important programs!

These funding levels are not final. The House Ways and Means budget is one step in the policy making process for determing the state budget.  Strong advocacy to the Senate is an absolutely essential next step towards maintaing funds for these important programs. So, please begin calling your Senators to ask them to support these critical programs in the Senate Ways and Means budget. You can find your legislators at

The following numbers are in comparison to the final Fiscal Year 2010 budget

Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Teen Pregnancy Prevention (4530-9000) is funded in the Fiscal Year 12011 House Ways and Means budget at approximately $2.4 million, a reduction of $250,000 or 9%. The final Fiscal Year 2010 amount for Teen Pregnancy Prevention was approximately $2.6 million.

Young Parent GED Program (YPP)
The overall line item within which YPP resides (4401-1000) saw an increase of approximately $2 million or 10%. However, the $4.7 suggested funding amount that exists in the current Fiscal Year 2010 budget for YPP was removed.

Teen Parent Child Care
TANF related child care (3000-4050) increased by approximately $11 million or 10%, but Income Eligible child care (3000-4060) decreased by approximately $28 million or 11%. Taken together, these two line items were reduced by approximately $17 million or 5%. Both accounts maintain some language prioritizing access to child care for teen parents. Since the Commissioner of EEC can transfer funds back and forth between these line items, and teen parents access child care via both these line items, we analyze these line items together.

Teen Living Shelter Program
Teen Living Shelter (4403-2119) saw a small INCREASE of $4,200 or .1%

Young Parent Support Program (YPS)
The overall line item within which YPS resides (4800-0038) was level funded. $44 million was moved out of this line item into a separate line item (4800-0040), which will fund family preservation and reunification at maintenance levels. The Young Parent Support Program is no longer mentioned in 4800-0038, but services for “young parent programs” is mentioned.

Healthy Families
Healthy Families (part of 3000-7000) was reduced by only $88,638 or 1%.