Take Action To Protect Funding for Important Programs

House Ways and Means released its FY15 budget on April 9. Find our synopsis here, analysis spreadsheet here, and the full budget here.

Call your Representative right away to urge him or her to cosponsor critical amendments to this budget. Please use the language below as a script for your call or email. You can find your state Representative and his or her contact information here: https://malegislature.gov/People/Search.

“Please cosponsor the following amendments to the House Ways and Means budget:

  1. Representative Provost’s amendment to fund Teen Parent Shelter (4403-2119) at $10.6 million. This increase provides the $400,000 needed to maintain the current number of shelter beds due to provider rates increases. The amendment also invests $1 million to reduce the wait list and enable more young families to be placed in teen parent shelter instead of adult family shelter, including hotels and motels. Contact Pooja at Pooja.Phaltankar@mahouse.gov, 617-722-2263 to cosponsor.
  2. Representative Fox’s amendment to fund Teen Pregnancy Prevention (4530-9000) at $3 million. This restoration will increase equitable access to teen pregnancy prevention. Contact Mary Tuitt at Mary.Tuitt@mahouse.gov, (617) 722-2810 to cosponsor.
  3. Chairwoman Khan will sponsor two amendments to create a pilot competitive grant program for the evidence based expectant and parenting student liaison model in schools within municipalities with high teen birth rates. One amendment adds $350,000 to DESE’s administrative account 7010-0005 and the second provides language in an outside section for the liaison model. Contact Emily Szargowicz in Rep. Khan’s office at emily.szargowicz@mahouse.gov or (617) 722-2011 to cosponsor.
  4. Chairman Cabral’s amendment to fund the Employment Services Program (4401-1000) at $9 million with $3.45 million specifically allocated for the Young Parents GED Program. While Chairwoman Khan’s amendment, below, is also important Chairman Cabral’s amendment is higher priority because it ensures level funding for YPP. Contact Al Medeiros by 3:00 pm to sign on at: x 7639 or Alves.Medeiros@mahouse.gov.
  5. Chairwoman Khan’s amendment to fund the Employment Services Program (4401-1000) at $10.2 million. The amendment also level funds CIES, increases transportation funding for families who receive Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children, and establishes pilot pathways programs that would assist low income families in accessing post-secondary education and training leading to jobs that pay family-sustaining wages. Contact Elizabeth Driscoll at Elizabeth.Driscoll@mahouse.gov, 617-722-2011 to cosponsor.
  6. Representative Decker’s Emergency Assistance (7004-0101) amendment to ensure otherwise eligible homeless families do not need to stay someplace “not meant for human habitation” before they become eligible for shelter. Contact David Wittenberg at david.wittenberg@mahouse.gov, 617-722-2430 to coponsor.
  7. Representative Decker’s amendment to level fund the Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children grant payments (DTA 4403-2000) to allow for a modest TAFDC grant increase, restore the rent allowance for those paying private, unsubsidized rent, and provide a safety net to families who need it most. Contact David Wittenberg  at david.wittenberg@mahouse.gov, 617-722-2430 to coponsor.

Thank you.”