Take Action - Advocate for Conference Committee

The Senate Budget is complete and it’s on to Conference Committee where leaders from the House and Senate meet to work out the differences between the House and Senate budgets. The Conference Committee budget is then sent to the Governor for him to, hopefully, sign by July 1 when next year’s budget begins.

• Call or email your legislators this week to urge them to support the recommendations in the script below by using some or all of the script.
• Find your legislators’ contact information here.
• Mobilize youth and colleagues to call and email as well!


“Hi, my name is __________and I am calling/emailing from ______ (city/town) to urge (Senator or Representative)___________to write Conference Committee members in support of the following recommendations. If Senator/Representative _________ is on Conference Committee, I urge him/her to advocate that the committee:

1. Adopt the Senate proposal for the following line items:

  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention (4530-9000) to fund at $2.53 million
  • TANF Related child care (3000-4050) to fund at $128 million, Income Eligible child care (3000-4060) to fund at $217.9 million and $15 million to address the income eligible wait list (3000-4070). All of these accounts help support teen parent child care.
  • Teen Living Shelter Program (4403-2119) to fund at $9.19 million
  • Healthy Families (3000-7000) to fund at $10.48 million
  • School Based Health Centers (part of 4590-0250) to fund at $12.9 million

2. Adopt the House proposal for the following line item: Children and Family Services, which includes the Young Parent Support Program (4800-0038) to fund at $250.6 million

3. Adopt the House funding level for the Employment Services Program (ESP) overall account, but the Senate language for the Young Parents GED Program (YPP), which is part of ESP (4401-1000). Fund ESP at $6.53 million overall and include this language for YPP: “provided, that the young parent program shall receive not less than $3,447,571”.

Thank you.”

-end script-

We’re in the home stretch of the FY14 budget process, so please keep up your hard work. Even if a program has fared well so far in the budget process, there are no guarantees of a positive outcome with Conference Committee. Your legislators need to hear from you and youth served by these programs!