Stop Shaming Young Parents - Please Sign The Petition!

The Alliance is asking for your support in signing a petition encouraging the Candie’s Foundation to radically change its response to and perception of what teen pregnancy and parenting means for young people. The Candie’s Foundation continues to use shame as an approach to prevent teen pregnancy - one we know does not work! We believe in using evidence-supported messaging for educating teens on how to prevent pregnancy and seeing early parenthood as young parents themselves see it: a critical opportunity to obercome obstacles for the future of their families.

Natasha Vianna started the petition with the support of various regional and national organizations to request a meeting with Mr. Neil Cole, Founder of the Candie’s Foundation, to discuss the impact of Candie’s shaming campaign on young parents and offer ways in which the Foundation can shift its approaches to include: increasing comprehensive sexual education, putting a halt on shaming tactics and using messaging that supports and empowers all young people to make the best decisions for themselves.

Show your support by signing the petition and helping young parent activists and supporters meet with Mr. Neil Cole!