State Budget is Almost a Wrap - Get Your Voice Heard Before It's Too Late!

The Alliance is calling on everyone who cares about teen pregnancy prevention or support for teen parents to call their legislators.  Members of a Conference Committee are working out the differences between the House and Senate FY2012 budgets over the next 7-10 days. Governor Patrick will then sign, veto or amend the Conference Committee budget.

Please take the following action steps before Wednesday June 8:
1. Call and email your Representative and Senator and urge them to write to Conference Committee members in support of teen parent programs. You can find your legislators here: .

2. Call and email Conference Committee members directly:

Please use the script below for your calls and emails. If you run a teen parent program, we highly encourage you to involve youth in calling and emailing Conference Committee members. THE SOONER YOU TAKE ACTION, THE MORE EFFECTIVE YOUR ADVOCACY WILL BE!

We’re approaching the home stretch of the FY12 budget process, so please keep up your hard work. Even if a program has fared well so far in the budget process, there are no guarantees of a positive outcome with Conference Committee, Your legislators need to hear from you and youth served by these programs! Thank you.


Hi my name is ___________ (name, program, city/town), I am calling to urge (Representative, Senator, Chairman) __________ to support the House budget version for the following teen parent programs:

  • The Teen Living Shelter Program, 4403-2119 to level fund TLP at $6.6 million and avoid the $140,000 cut proposed by the Senate;
  • The Young Parents Program (YPP), which is part of 4401-1000. Please adopt the House funding level of $6.7 million for the overall line item and the House language to ensure level funding for YPP and
  • Teen Parent Child Care, funded through 3000-4050 and 3000-4060 (adopt the House funding levels for both accounts).

I urge (Representative, Senator, Chairman) __________ to support the Senate budget version for the following programs:

  • Healthy Families, 3000-7000 and
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention, 4530-9000.
  • Lastly please advocate for the Young Parent Support Program, which is part of 4800-0038. Conference Committee should do better than the House or Senate and fund 4800-0038 closer to level funding ($247 million).

Thank you