House Ways and Means FY13 Budget Release

The House Ways and Means Committee (HWM) released its budget this afternoon. Especially considering the budget included no new revenue, teen pregnancy prevention and teen parent programs fared well . See below for a summary. You can also check out this spreadsheet for a comparison of the HWM budget to the current fiscal year 2012 (FY12) budget, the Governor’s proposed FY13 budget and budgets from previous years. View the full HWM budget here.

HWM FY13 Budget Summary and Amendment Advocacy

  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention (4530-9000) would be funded at $2,383,080, which would be a slight increase in funding from FY12.
  • The Teen Living Shelter Program (4403-2119) would be funded at $7,728,595, which is $741,405 short of what is needed to maintain the current service level. We are seeking an amendment to fund TLP at $8.47 million (to maintain current services levels). Please stay tuned for an advocacy alert on how you can advocate for this amendment!
  • The Young Parents GED Program (part of 4401-1000) would be level funded (at $3.1 million); the overall Employment Services Program (ESP) line item of which YPP is a part, would also be level funded (at $7.1 million). Still we are working in coalition with other ESP advocates to get an amendment that would increase funding to ESP to $14.9 million and attach $4 million to YPP.
  • Teen Parent Child Care is funded out of two line items. The TANF Related Child Care account (3000-4050) would be funded at approximately $125.5 million, which would be a $7 million decrease. The Income Eligible account (3000-4060), which funds teen parent child care contract slots would be funded at $231.9 million, which is about $1 million short of level funding. It is unknown how these funding cuts would impact teen parent child care. We are considering seeking an amendment to add language to ensure access to child care for teen parents who need it for high school or a GED program.
  • The Young Parent Support Program would likely be funded at the same level ($2 million) next year with the HWM budget language. The overall line item (4800-0038) would receive an increase of approximately $5 million and be funded at $248,142,130.
  • Healthy Families would experience a $277,789 reduction and be funded at $10.2 million.

Amendments to the HWM budget will be filed this week and likely debated the week of April 23. The proposed FY13 House budget should be finalized by April 20. Please stay tuned for opportunities to advocate for amendments. Thank you for your advocacy and support of teen pregnancy prevention and young parents.