Governor Patrick Releases FY13 Budget Proposal

Governor Patrick released his proposed fiscal year 2013 (FY13) budget on January 25. Overall teen parent and teen pregnancy prevention services fared relatively well.

Below is a brief synopsis of the Governor’s proposed FY13 budget recommendations. Click here for a cross-fiscal year comparison of program funding. You can find the Governor’s full budget recommendations here.

  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention (4530-9000): Cut by 4% or $94,287 and is funded at $2,284,123. We’ll need to work hard to ensure level funding for teen pregnancy prevention this year!
  • Young Parents Program (part of 4401-1000): The overall account is level funded at $7,109,035. There are no specific language or funding amounts for any programs within the line item. There is a new directive for the Department of Transitional Assistance to partner with the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development to initiate options that maximize the use of employment services resources for TAFDC recipients.
  • Teen Living Shelter Program (4403-2119): Funding increased 20% or $1,291,887 and is funded at $7,728,595. However, due to rate increases that will take effect beginning in FY13, this funding level falls $430,472 short of the amount needed to maintain current services levels.
  • Teen Parent Child Care: Governor Patrick consolidated three child care accounts: 3000-4050 (funds TAFDC/welfare vouchers), 3000-4060 (funds teen parent child care contract slots and other income eligible child care), and 3000-3050 (funds DCF related or “supportive” child care). Overall these accounts were cut by $8 million or 2%. What this would mean for teen parent child care is unclear at this time.
  • Young Parent Support Program (part of 4800-0038): Funding increased by $5.4 million or 2% and overall line item is funded at $248,173,891. Language in the account is stripped down and no longer includes any reference to young parents, so funding YPS would be at the discretion of the Department of Children and Family Services. DCF has been supportive of YPS over the past several difficult budget years, but YPS will still require strong advocacy this year.
  • Healthy Families (part of 3000-7000): Funding reduced by .7% or $68,081 and is funded at $10,395,265.

Our advocacy for teen pregnancy prevention and teen parent programs for next fiscal year has only just begun. Your advocacy to Representatives and Senators will be absolutely essential in the coming months as they develop their respective budget recommendations. Please stay tuned for advocacy alerts and updates from the Alliance.