Advocate Today for Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Teen Parent Programs!

The Senate Ways and Means Committee released it’s proposed fiscal year 2013 budget last week. Your advocacy is needed to support critical amendments to this budget. The Senate will debate amendments starting today, Wednesday May 23. Your Senator needs to hear from you today about the programs you support!

Please call your Senator ASAP and follow the script below to advocate for one or all amendments the Alliance supports. These include amendments for the Teen Living Shelter Program, improved access to child care for parenting students, and level funding for the Young Parents GED Program.

You can find your Senator’s contact information here. Check out this fact sheet for more information and if you email your Senator, feel free to attach it. 

Click here for the results of the SWM budget, a comparison to proposed FY13 budgets from the Governor and House and previous years’ budgets. 

Script for Call or Email:

“Hi, my name is __________and I am calling/emailing from ______ (city/town) to urge Senator ___________to co-sponsor and advocate for the following amendments during caucuses and floor debate:

  1. #630 The Teen Living Shelter Program amendment (line item 4403-2119), sponsored by Senator Finegold. This amendment funds TLP at the $8.47 million needed to maintain the current number of beds once mandated provider rate increases take effect.
  2. #372 Child Care Services for Teen Parents in Education Programs, sponsored by Senator Chang-Diaz changes language in 3000-4060 to ensure all parenting high school or GED students can access child care.
  3. #639 Employment Services Program (4401-1000), which includes a change in language to guarantee level funding for the Young Parents GED Program (and $4 million for the CIESE program). The amendment is sponsored by Senator Rodrigues and increases funding of the overall line item to $11 million. (Spending for $4 million of the $11 million dollars is unspecified. I support these dollars be specifically allocated for the MA Office of Refugee and Immigrants, Transportation, DTA Works, disability assessments, and GED testing.)
  4. #288 and #299, 2 Amendments to Protect Access to (EA) Family Shelter, sponsored by Senators Donnelly, Eldridge and Spilka: 1 amendment maintains current eligibility standards and the other expands the restrictive categories proposed by SWM.
  5. #382 Dropout Prevention Planning Activities, sponsored by Senator Chang-Diaz, adds $60,000 to line item 7010-0005 to fund the implementation of the graduation coach program and planning for increasing the legal dropout age. 
  6. #386 Alternative Education Grant Program, sponsored by Senator Chang-Diaz, adds $4,637,220 to the $146,140 in line item 7061-9614 to support the Alternative Education Grant program. This program assists districts by providing education options for students who may be better placed outside traditional high schools.
  7. #645 HIV/AIDS/hepatitis restoration, sponsored by Senator Chang-Diaz to restore past cuts and pending federal cuts. The amendment increases funding by $1.25 million and funds line item 4512-0103 at $33.35 million. 
  8. #631 Family Planning: sponsored by Senator Jehlen, restores line item 4513-1000 to $6.2 million.

Thank you.”