Advocate to Governor Patrick

Governor Patrick is finalizing his Fiscal Year 2014 (FY14) budget proposal and needs to hear from you about which programs are important to support and why.

Call: 888.870.7770, click here to email and write addressed to: The Honorable Deval Patrick, Office of the Governor, The State House, Room 280, Boston, MA 02133.

Here is a script you can use (just read/use the text in bold to shorten and feel free to include one or all of the programs below).

“Hi, my name is_________and I am calling from _____________(city/state) to urge Governor Patrick to consider the following recommendations for fiscal year 2014:

  • Fund the Teen Living Shelter Program (DTA 4403-2119) at $9.2 million, the amount needed to maintain current service levels. TLP demand steadily surpasses capacity: wait lists range from 20-70 teens depending on the time of year. With hundreds of young parents in motels, TLP is a cost-effective way to serve homeless teen parents and to ensure minors, and their children, have safe shelter and essential support services to get back on their feet.
  • Fund the Young Parents GED Program (part of Employment Services Program DTA 4401-1000) at $3.6 million and ESP at $7.6 million. The increased funding for YPP and ESP would fund an additional 186 YPP enrollment slots. Approximately half of YPP sites responded to an Alliance poll and reported that they could fill an additional 186 enrollment slots, total in FY14.
  • Fund Teen Pregnancy Prevention (DPH 4530-9000) at $2.34 million. This program funds community-based, science-based sex education proven to reduce teen pregnancy. Only 13 of the many communities across the state with high teen birth rates have a teen pregnancy prevention program. Reductions in teen childbearing saved Massachusetts taxpayers $231 million in one year alone.
  • Fund the Young Parent Support Program (part of DCF 4800-0038) at $2 million and overall line item at $248 million. YPS helps vulnerable young parents, including those with histories of abuse, neglect and homelessness, access the services they need to meet their responsibilities.
  • Support Teen Parent Child Care, part of EEC 3000-4050 and part of EEC 3000-4060: fund overall line items at $125.5 million and $231.9 million, respectively. Alter language in 3000-4060 to ensure all parenting students have priority access to child care. If even one student drop outs due to lack of child care the costs to individuals, families and communities are too high.
  • Fund Healthy Families (EEC 3000-7000) at $10.5 million.
  • Fund School-Based Health Centers (DPH 4590-0250) at $11.5 million.

Thank you.”