Advocate to Conference Committee

It’s time to advocate to the Conference Committee, which is made up of 3 members from the House and 3 from the Senate. We need to ensure that the highest funding levels from the House and Senate budgets make it into the final FY15 budget. Please call/email your State Representative and Senator ASAP. You can use this script. If you email them, please send along our conference committee letter and budget recommendations fact sheet.  

Please find your state Rep. and Senator here, but make sure it says “state” Representative /Senator. If your Rep./Senator is one of the 6 conference committee members: Senators Brewer, Flanagan, Ross and Representatives Dempsey, Kulik, and Viriato deMacedo, it is especially important to call/email. You can simply ask them to include the recommendations listed in the script in the conference committee budget.