for Policymakers

The Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy (the Alliance) supports young people in communicating directly with policymakers about adolescent sexual health and teen parenting issues. Policymakers make decisions that influence the life of every teen, but rarely do policymakers have the opportunity to hear what teens and young parents think about the policies that affect them. The Alliance believes that the most effective policies are those that are shaped by the people most directly impacted by them.

Legislative Priorities

Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Recommendations: The Alliance advocates for a range of budget priorities that promote greater equity in access to resources and supports for youths, young parents and their children. 

Create greater educational opportunity for all by supporting An Act Enhancing the Educational Outcomes of Expectant and Parenting Students! Our priority legislation for the 2017-2018 legislative session would create greater equity in access to a quality education for expectant and parenting students in high priority cities and towns in Massachusetts. If passed, high priority communities would implement the expectant and parenting student liaison model, a model with research-based results. All districts would be required to track and report on the number of parenting students and their academic outcomes. Currently, our state does not know how many parenting students are in our school system.

For questions about policy or advocacy, please contact Nicole Castillo, Public Policy Director: