Carla Joseph

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Lawrence Coordinator, Partners for Lawrence Youth Initiative

Carla Joseph joined the Alliance in December 2016 as the Lawrence Coordinator under the Partners for Lawrence Youth Initiative. She has experience guiding individuals on navigating their career paths and becoming their best self in their community. Previously, she served as a Youth Educator on self-esteem and healthy relationships; and counseled individuals who survived abusive relationships. Carla is passionate about continuing to apply her skills in Lawrence, and building support systems for young people that will allow them to make healthy choices throughout their lives. As the Lawrence Coordinator, Carla is responsible for providing training and technical assistance (TA) to youth-serving professionals in Lawrence and in supporting their ability to offer evidence-based interventions (EBIs) for teen pregnancy, HIV, and STI prevention. She will be collaborating with community-based agencies, healthcare centers, and school systems. Carla holds a BS in Social Work, and minors in Psychology and Race, Culture, & Power from University of New Hampshire. Currently, she is working on obtaining a Master of Business Administration degree through Southern New Hampshire University’s online program.