Online Resources for Parents

When should sex ed start? For parents, talking with your child about sexuality should be an ongoing conversation from the earliest years. 

While most resources out there are geared toward parents of adolescents, we found one that is for parents of children of all ages. No Place Like Home is a website with age-specific information for parents of children ages 3 and up. You simply select your child’s age and it’ll give you ideas for how to talk with your kids about relationships, anatomy, privacy (for the little ones) to sexuality, sexual relationships, puberty, birth control, and sex in the media. It is also available in Spanish and there is a Native American version as well.

Some of our staff’s favorites books for kids are written by a Massachusetts author, Robie Harris. Her books It’s Not The Stork (ages 4+), It’s So Amazing (ages 7+), and It’s Perfectly Normal (ages 10+) are honest, thorough, and age-appropriate.

Another great book for parents is Sex and Sensibility: The Thinking parents’ Guide to Talking About Sex by Deborah Roffman.

Our partners have many additional resources for parents: