Information and Materials for Teen Parent Programs

Essential Lobby Day Materials & Instructions:

Please visit this site after you for Lobby Day. 

  1. Create an art exhibit with your program youth. Here is the . The Art Exhibit Entry Form and the exhibits are due by February 15 to the Alliance (they can be hand delivered or sent by mail to our office). Please read the art exhibit flyer and complete the entry form.
  2. Schedule meetings with your state Representative and state Senator or their aides for lobby day! Please schedule these meetings for 11:45 or later. You can find your legislators and their contact information on . You can also email and call your legislators to invite them to attend lobby day. 
  3. Encourage policymakers to attend. Please print and mail this to your state Senator, state Representatives and Governor Baker. Here are .
  4. Letter of excused absence. Here is a  for program youth who need permission to leave school to attend lobby day. Please feel free to modify this document to meet your needs.
  5. Sample contribution letter. Please adapt this and send to local corporations and businesses if fundraising will be necessary for your program to attend lobby day.
  6. Directions to the State House: