Mission & Goals


To advocate statewide and mobilize communities to prevent teen pregnancy, to increase opportunities for youth and young parents, and to empower young people to make healthy decisions about relationships, sex, parenting, and life.

Core Values

  • We believe that investing in teen pregnancy prevention and services for young parents supports the development of healthy families and strengthens communities.
  • We believe that teen pregnancy prevention programs and programs for pregnant and parenting teens must be effective, comprehensive in approach and demonstrate respect for the rights and capabilities of adolescents.
  • We believe parents and caregivers are important sexuality educators of their children and that the involvement of community programs, schools, and religious institutions can assist families in addressing the issue of teen pregnancy and the needs of parenting youth.
  • We believe young men and young women are equally responsible for making decisions about sexual activity, preventing pregnancy, and supporting and parenting children.
  • We believe policies are most effective when the people who are affected by those policies are involved in creating and changing them.


  1. Serve as an expert in Massachusetts on adolescent pregnancy, prevention, parenting, and healthy sexual development.
  2. Lead in engaging youth on policy issues pertaining to adolescent pregnancy, parenting, and healthy sexual development.
  3. Develop capacity of youth-serving professionals who promote healthy sexual decision-making and support parenting teens.
  4. Influence the development of responsible public policies that impact young parents, adolescent sexual health, and teen pregnancy prevention.
  5. Promote a cultural shift that recognizes the needs and abilities of young people to make responsible decisions about relationships, sex, parenting, and life.